Here is a list of cats available to role-play! To adopt a cat, please leave a message on my message wall and I'll reply as soon as possible.


Clawtooth: ginger tom with sharp teeth. Deputy of LionClan.

Bluestorm: gray-blue tom with amber eyes. Medicine Cat of LionClan.

Dustface: brown tom with long fur and a flattened face. Warrior of LionClan.

Brownfur: small tabby she-cat. Warrior of LionClan.

Bigpaw: black and white tom. Apprentice of LionClan.

Squirrelfur: old dark ginger she-cat. Elder of LionClan.


Pantherstar- sleek black tom. Leader of PantherClan.

Sootclaw- huge battle scarred black tom. Deputy of PantherClan.

Moonflower- pretty silver tabby she-cat. Medicine Cat of PantherClan.

Yellowtooth- ginger and white tom. Warrior of PantherClan.

Blacknight- jet black she-cat with long, untidy fur. Warrior of PantherClan.

Whitepaw: black tom with white paws. Apprentice of PantherClan.

Pouncepelt: scrawny tabby tom. Elder of PantherClan.





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